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Field Technician/Installer at yondoo Broadband LLC.

About the Job

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yondoo Broadband – A National telecommunications company is looking for a Field Technician/Installer for our customers in Canton, Kahoka and LaGrange, MO. and surrounding areas.


Primary person responsible for installing, maintaining and support of communication systems
and its infrastructure. Complete service work to include Fiber to the home (FTTH), IPTV and
internet services to subscriber residences in Canton/Kahoka, MO. Includes Fiber maintenance.

  1. Video/CATV
    • IPTV as provided to subscriber residences
    • Trains and learns how to perform applicable duties with FTTH, CATV RF Coax RF IP switches, STB’s and Combiners.
    • Ability to learn and train on networking expertise including Fiber, TCP/IP, routing, switching, and DOCSIS protocols.
    • Assists in fault resolution of Fiber, IP, and Digital Video networks.
  2. Internet
    • Cisco equipment to include routers and Ethernet switches
    • GPON equipment for Network and Subscriber homes
    • DTA devices and GigaCenter devices
  3. Wiring (Inside and outside plant)
    • Single-mode fiber wiring
    • Cat 5/6e twisted pair wiring
    • Coaxial (RG-6) wiring
    • Installing NID’s, proper grounding
    • Fiber to the Home (FTTH)


  1. The individual selected is expected to perform all work associated with the support of the sites, to include, all installations, testing of listed cabling (in Overview), and equipment and replacement of equipment where required.
  2. Completes New Connect, Re-Connect and Change of Service Installations, Upgrades, Down Grades and disconnects. Technician will use proper equipment and tools to complete job in a timely and professional manner.
  3. Installs system traps (on required platforms) to prevent theft of service and validate customers are only receiving services ordered at time of install.
  4. Work with the customer service group to schedule installs and complete IPTV and HSIA installs.
  5. Installs and provides customer education on all yondoo issued equipment and services. IPTV configurations. STB’s, Wireless Networks and connection of personal computers and devices.
  6. Resolve subscriber service issues from the DTE or tap that feeds the subscriber to the television, customer devices and equipment.
  7. Installs additional RF outlets, FTTH, CAT 6 outlets and repairs and replaces outlets in customers home.
  8. Produce and maintain network documentation, including a complete list of network equipment in use, in inventory, and at all deployments. Develop standards for equipment replacement and maximize inventory control for all necessary spare parts or sources for spare equipment.
  9. Provide installation support, this includes extending circuit demarcations. Working closely with vendors to facilitate efficient deployment and maintenance of yondoo owned wiring and new installations.
  10. Take ownership of the sites designated to include developing the necessary contacts and relationships to ensure smooth communication. Escalate issues to the Director of Operations where necessary.
  11. Understand research and test new technologies. Embrace the continuing convergence of single/double/triple technologies.
  12. Responsibility of maintaining/upkeep of any company vehicle used. Stock work vehicle with appropriate materials and tools to accomplish job as needed.
  13. May be required to enter attics, basements, crawlspaces or climb poles to complete installs


  • Minimum 4 years’ experience with Fiber.
  • CAT5, cabling/wiring and 2+ years CATV installation and support
  • Must be able to pass back ground check
  • Utilize instruments such as cable locators/Leakage Detector, Volt Ohm Meters, Signal Level Meters and other system specific tools
  • Calculate RF losses using available data as it pertains to CATV/IPTV and HSIA
  • Detect, repair and record signal leakage when located
  • Ability of lifting of weights of up to 70 lbs. and carry a 28ft extension ladder
  • Must be able to climb ladders and work on aerial fiber/cable plants and structures
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Follows all company standard safety practices in the course of performing work activities.
  • Self-motivated and can-do attitude
  • Willingness to stay current of relevant technology
  • Local candidates preferred, relocation is not offered